To whom it may concern,

  The past year has allowed us to all see the shadow tactic and not much else. The Seventy-Five Billion was a shameless trickling investment in a war. While simultaneously wishing to raise taxes. The ideology that raising taxes without representation is against the principles of this Nation. We all now see why this is a suggested path. We want people to buy bonds instead and fund public works.

Our plan for American Healthcare:

  A great point is to recognize what we are doing right. The Emergency response to any health crisis on American soil is the best on the planet. The fault in associated costs is placed squarely on insurance companies. Your insurance company is a form of privatized socialism with decades of statistical data and experience. An effective alternative is a meantimes plan of action. For example, at this moment in time: ‘A heating and cooling man or woman working to keep our family warm and grandma safe from heat stroke can not rely on health practitioners to 'fix' them.’ Unfounded confidence as such is interrupted once an individual finds themselves as dependent.

Four-part plan:

 We have the social right to our full human potential. What we choose to do with that information is called freedom, and this is what the United States government is here to promote and protect.

 Adam Michael Dunn
In hopes that this initial 2024 statement is received well, we will commit to providing more of our planned approaches. The people who ran this country used to be made up of a body of people that citizens of a city or state would select to represent them. Generally, because they had good ideas and worked hard. Politicians were drafted positions in society. So why is it that politics is a viable career path? A lot of people wonder why that is.

2023 Statment

To whom it may concern,
  Here are the values I have for putting the country first.

  Education; Obtaining knowledge is a noble pursuit and service to the Nation, Society, Community, and your family. Promoting this ideology can change the world one person at a time. Societal gains are personal gains of elevation and enlightenment. Understanding that preparatory work is essential to building a foundation. The paradox of education. The world needs people to dig the ditches, pour the concrete, cut the rebar and do the hard work. Farming is not a mindless task. Starvation is a real possibility. Choosing education is not to overcome hard work or substitute getting dirty. It's about doing things better, faster, and cheaper.

  The threat of War; There is no fairness in war. I stand on the principle that balanced solutions to all problems are possible. Often restraint is viewed as a weakness. Practicing restraint is the prowess of peace. Someone is always watching, waiting to go behind the backs of the United States and undo what we have done. We have made progress recently so as not to spread too thin. And as I have spoken previously, we are at war in America, on our soil, classrooms, and homes. The fight is for the American mind, the American dream, and our American futures.

  Relationships with Mexico are directly related to our approach to the world and how the world sees us. Unwelcoming, Inconsiderate, and personally offended by disparity and crises of the other. It requires a solution, not dilution.

  Eco-Terrorism and War on Drugs. Shifting from neglect to focus. We know the systemic effects of drugs and pollution. We live it. And yet the hubris in thinking we as humans could change the solar system or the past. We can no longer meddle with the fabric of reality. We must move into accepting defeat, making the about-face. Be gentle.

  Infrastructure; We have all the utility and none of the pride. We stand united on the shoulders of giants. Yet falter at this juncture. We must not shrug at the responsibility of maintaining what we have. There is no building back; there is no again; there is only now.

  How I am offering to serve the country is to report back to people on my findings. What I have laid out in this value-based plan is a fair approach. These seminal topics and my strong faith in them come from historical evidence. We have all watched as these essential underpinnings decay to the point of being compromised. The structure generally is unsound.

 Adam Michael Dunn